About Us

KLM Property Holdings is a privately owned, boutique real estate investment company with a focus on Acquisition, Development and Long-Term Management.

KLM was founded in 2005 as a real estate investment company seeking to acquire, manage and hold property assets for the long term. Initially specializing in the student housing market, we have since organically grown our portfolio to include multi-family under 100 units, hotel, commercial and parking lot assets. Along the way we have expanded our focus to include ground up development and the repositioning of newly acquired, underperforming assets. Our property management arm has been hugely successful with both new developments and stabilized asset acquisitions- typically operating properties at or near 100% occupancy. Due to this proven success we have expanded our management services, through the creation of KLM Management, to include hotel and multi-family portfolios for third party owners.

We make smart decisions that create profitable results.